dom3 text

The winner of the II International Architecture Award DOM3 prize of € 40,000 is the project ‘Community by Design’ by the Belgian David Tuan Tuan and CO of Marbella, in collaboration with Mathieu Lébre .

The 2nd prize of € 20,000 has been awarded to the Project ‘Domus Aqua’ by Macía Camacho and Q Architecture of Madrid.

The third prize for the" Tierra Nueva " project, developed by Architect JRDR and four O Nine of Marbella and Shanghai , has received € 10,000 .

The jury awarded the Special mentions to ‘Arcadia’ by the architects Pablo Jose Atienza and Juan Maria Blazquez of Ezar Architects, Malaga and ‘Green Marbella’ by Abiboo Architecture Studio, based in Madrid, New York and Chennai in India .