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Empresarios para la Vivienda de Alta Calidad [Association of Businesses for High Quality Housing] is an association of entrepreneurs and professionals with experience in a variety of sectors, who are united by the same concerns: to promote initiatives aimed at preserving and boosting the design, promotion, and high quality housing construction in Marbella and its area of influence.

The members of the group believe in information exchange, mutual cooperation and joint action as a driver of development in the sector and Marbella’s tourism brand.

The most important goals of the association are:

- To promote any type of study and/or initiative aimed at the better understanding, promotion and operation of the sector, as well as to influence the various segments of society for the same purpose.

- To foster research, knowledge development and innovation in every single link of the business value chain, especially in the design, construction and marketing phases.

- To contribute to the exchange of experience and information with other business people and professionals and to establish beneficial partnerships for the sector.

- To promote the creation of a quality seal that distinguishes companies for their corporate values, such as quality, social responsibility, honesty and other values that this organisation might want to promote.